Loveland Duren

New Album, "Next" Available Now

Loveland Duren 2019

Vicki Loveland has been a singer her entire life, having worked and recorded with artists as varied as Alex Chilton, Low Cut Connie, the Funk Brothers, and Albert King.  She has built a reputation as one of the most sought-after vocalists around.  Paired with her abilities as a writer and producer, Vicki is a powerhouse of talent with a wicked sense of humor and a commanding presence as a performer.  Honored in 2014 as an Emissary of Memphis Music and currently serving as Vice President on the board of the Memphis Chapter of the Recording Academy, there is simply no one else quite like her.

Van Duren has a survivor's story to tell through his 5 decades of recording.  A prodigious vocalist and champion of song crafting, Van has performed and recorded with Chris Bell and Jody Stephens of Big Star, Billy Swan, and Ringo Starr (among others) and has released 12 albums, always following his own muse.  The result has been a long career of writing and collaborating on great songs and recordings.  Van is also featured in the 2013 documentary film, “Big Star:  Nothing Can Hurt Me” (Magnolia Pictures).

Loveland Duren’s first album, BLOODY CUPID (2013), brought these two artists together in a way that surprised anyone who was familiar with their individual works in the past—and everyone else for that matter.  Culling high praise from music fans and critics alike,  the genre-bending tracks on BLOODY CUPID established Vicki and Van as a formidable songwriting team with terrific vocal and instrumental performances to match.  The second Loveland Duren album, NEXT (2016), continued the duo’s musical progression by leaps and bounds.   NEXT is a startling sonic peregrination through the darkness and light of life, death, love, and loss. Adult songs for an adult world

And then what happened? Two Australian filmmakers discovered Van’s early recordings and were inspired to film a documentary about that music and their adventures to find its source. Waiting: The Van Duren Story debuted at Indie Memphis Film Fest in late 2018 with 3 sold out screenings. 2019 found Ms Loveland and Mr Duren traveling to screenings in LA and London, followed by an entire month in Australia for 9 more screenings and 5 live shows with their Aussie band for ecstatic fans. A truly extraordinary experience for all.

Looking ahead, Vicki and Van are back in Memphis hard at work writing new songs for their third album (release date TBA). Their journey has taken so many inspiring and unexpected turns since the release of NEXT, and the new material is wonderfully reflective of it all. The near future will bring a new Loveland Duren album, more live shows, and fulfilling a deep longing to perform this music near and far. Stay tuned—it’s all coming soon to your eyes and ears. And if you’re on the London Underground, don’t forget to mind the gap.

Photos by Kate Dearman