Bloody Cupid, the new album by Memphis recording artists Vicki Loveland and Van Duren, has a street date of 11 June 2013.  Released on their own label, Edgewood  Recordings, the full-length album is the first studio collaboration between these two legends of Memphis music and contains 12 new songs, all co-written by Vicki and Van just prior to and during the sessions.  Working with engineer Pete Matthews at his East Memphis studio PM Music, the sessions began the first week of 2013 and concluded in early April, with Vicki shining on vocals and percussion instruments and Van singing and playing guitars as well as an occasional bass part.  Joining Loveland Duren in the studio were some of the best musicians on the planet:  Steve Potts, Harry Peel, and Ian Duren on drums; Sam Shoup and Russell Nelson on bass; Jessie Munson on violin; Jonathan Kierkscey on cello; Jack Holder and Jim Duckworth on guitars; Jim Spake on saxophones; Marc Franklin on trumpet; Eric Lewis on dobro and mandolin; Kim Trammel on congas; and Richard Ford on pedal steel guitar.  The result is stylistically wide-ranging and magically delicious.

     Vicki Loveland has been a singer her entire life, and has built a reputation as one of the most sought-after vocalists around.  Paired with her abilities as a writer and producer, Vicki is a powerhouse of talent with a wicked sense of humor and a commanding presence as a performer.  There is simply no one else quite like her.

     Van Duren has a survivor's story to tell through his 5 decades of recording.  A prodigious vocalist and champion of song crafting, Van has released 10 albums, always following his own muse, and the result has been a long career of writing and collaborating on great songs.

     Bloody Cupid  brings these two artists together in a way that will surprise anyone who is familiar with their individual works in the past—and everyone else for that matter.  These are adult songs for an adult world, with deadly accurate insights into the rollercoaster ride that love can be for two bruised (bloody?) hearts.  Vicki Loveland and Van Duren have brought the joy and the pain of that journey to life in these songs and recordings.  Listen.